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Save Time
The more serves you can get
done in a shorter period of time,
the more money you are making
per hour!

Save Money
With gas prices always going up,
more trips to the servee cuts
in to your profits and increases
the cost to your client.

Find POEs
Wouldn't it be a nice bonus
for your client, if when you
returned your affidavit
you also returned employment information?

Gather Phone Numbers
When your servee calls back,
whereever they are calling from
you get their phone number.
Since they are calling you back
to a toll free number, the *67
feature will not work if they
attempt to block their call.


PPS Helper Can Make Your
Job Much Easier!

How many times have you attempted to serve papers on someone only to not find them home?

Since serving process is actually a delivery service, why not use that as your advantage?

PPS Helper can help you by providing flourescent door hang tags printed with the company name you give us, telling the servee they have had a delivery and a toll free number for the delivery to be completed.

The hang tag makes no representation what the delivery is, but it gets your servee to call a toll free number to make arrangements for a time and location for you to complete your delivery.

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Sign up anytime before June 25, 2006, and you are paid up through July 31, 2006. You still get up to 80 minutes during the remainder of June, and up to 80 minutes during July.
After your signup fee, you aren't due again until August!
If you're not happy, cancel anytime before July 25, 2006!

We are that confident you will like our service!

What do you get and how much does it cost?

Sign up for $39.95, and receive:

On the 25th of each month, your credit card will then be billed in advance
for $24.95 for the next month for up to 80 minutes of calls for the upcoming month. You may order additional door hang tags at any time shipped by priority mail or overnight. You may have our professional announcers change your recording once a month. Additional minutes are billed at $5 in blocks of 60 minutes.

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How It Works

  • If your servee isn't home
    place the flourescent
    hang tag on their front
  • When the servee arrives, they will usually call
    the toll free number
    in order to receive
    their delivery.
  • The servee hears a
    professional message
    stating they must leave
    their name, location
    and a good time for
    the delivery to be
  • You now have their
    phone number (possibly
    home or work) and a
    good time to return
    to cut down your
    return trips and non-ests.
  • Recommended by Rob Dayton of LoyalDog process serving software!

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